Thursday, August 28, 2008

sean elijah

Friday, April 04, 2008

good news part 2

september of 2007, hubby and i visited a fertility clinic at asian hospital...we felt that we needed a check up since we've been trying for more than a year to have a baby pero wala pa rin...we were referred to Dra. D...she's young, nice and i felt so comfortable talking to her and so as my husband...she said that its just a matter of "timing" and asked us to wait til december to get pregnant and if wala pa rin ng december, i will take fertility pills na...hubby and i waited til december and we were surprised that i missed my period on december 10...i told hubby about it and we decided to wait til dec 17 to check if im pregnant...guess what?it came positive! hubby and i were very happy...we immediately called Dra. D but she was not available for a week kasi marami daw nanganganak ng december...but since i was having bad cramps, hubby decided to bring me to this clinic in alabang...the doctor that checked me suspected that it's a ectopic pregnancy or internal bleeding...she suggested that i should have a transvaginal ultrasound and also prescribed duphaston and duvadilan for me to take pag may bleeding...she finished the check up at around 1230pm but she will be leaving at 1pm...she told me not to worry kasi she asked another doctor to perform the ultrasound so we will know that day if its ectopic nga...we waited for few minutes and the doctor came...she immediately said "mahal ang bayad ko, ok lang sa inyo"? i said okay lang kasi ano ba naman magagawa ko diba? ikaw kaya sabihan ng ectopic, would you want to postpone your ultrasound dahil lang mahal? anyway, after the ultrasound, she told us the bad news...there was a subchorionic hemorrhage seen in the superior pole of the gestational sac and no fetal pole...actually, she said pa "bugok ang baby nyo"...i was sad and confused at the same time because of the term that she used...bugok was not a familiar word to me and i asked her what it meant...she explained it to me and hubby naman pero confuse pa rin ako...i also asked her the cause of the bleeding and sinabi ba naman sa akin na im not paying her much to explain everyting to us...when she said that, i felt that my hand was so eager to grab her hair and scratch her face...good thing, she left the room immediately along with my husband to call the doctor that first saw me...anyway, the first doctor told my hubby that i have to rest for days and take duvadilan and duphaston...she also suggested to have another ultrasound on my 8th week...when hubby came back to see me he told me about what he heard outside, he overheard this madita doctor talking to the nurses about her fellow doctor...sabi nya ano ba daw feeling nung isang doctor close sila para ipagawa sa kanya yung ultrasound?! sus maloloka ka talaga sa kamalditahan ng doctor na to!after the ultrasound, i felt tired and stressed out so we went home right away...the day was full of sadness and fear...good thing, hubby was there to remind me that everything will be alright...

exactly on my 8th week, we decided to visit Dra. D...finally she was available to see us...she was happy when we told her about me being pregnant...i also told her about my first check up and handed her the result of my ultrasound...of course, pati na rin yung "bugok" na sabi ng maldita doctor na mention ko na rin...she said its hard to assume because i was on my 6th week pa when i had my first ultrasound and usually 8th week yung right time to have the ultrasound...she also explained what "bugok" means...blighted ovum pala yun...It happens when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus but the resulting embryo either stops developing very early or doesn't form at all...anyway, she asked me to have another ultrasound and she will wait for the result daw para malaman nga kung blighted ovum sya or hindi...the result?baby is doing very well and bleeding is totally gone! we were very happy upon hearing the good news...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Good news!

im five months preggy! next time na muna ang kwento kasi nahihilo na naman si mommy to be...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas to all and have a prosperous and safe new yr!